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A Quick Tour of the Starter App

There's really just a few key bits:

  • src/todo.ts defines the todo entity. You will typically have one such file for each entity in your application.
  • src/mutators.ts defines the Replicache mutators for the todo app. Replicache mutators run twice: first immediately and optimistically on the client, then later authoritatively on the server. Replicache automatically reconciles differences between the optimistic and authoritative runs continuously on all clients.
  • pages/index.tsx is the app's entrypoint. It generates a new random todo list ID and redirects to it.
  • pages/d/[id].tsx is the handler for a todo list. It instantiates Replicache.
  • src/app.tsx is the top-level component. It subscribes to all todos in Replicache and renders them. It also wires up event handlers from the app to Replicache mutators.
  • The server side is implemented with replicache-nextjs. This is a simple, generic Replicache server built on Next.js and Postgres. It is wired up in pages/api/replicache/[op].ts.


Now let's add a simple feature to this app.