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Deploy to Production

The todo app is just a standard Next.js app with a Postgres database. So when you're ready to ship, you can deploy it basically anywhere you can run a Node app.

One especially easy option we like is Render. To deploy there:

  1. Fork rocicorp/replicache-todo into your own repository.
  2. Create a Render account.
  3. Create a new Blueprint instance and link to the forked repo.
  4. In the web server settings, set the NEXT_PUBLIC_REPLICACHE_LICENSE_KEY environment variable to your license key.

You can even deploy Replicache apps on serverless platforms like Vercel, but there are some caveats:

  • The amount of data you can sync in each Replicache instance is typically limited to about 5 MB, because limits on function payload sizes.
  • These platforms don't natively support any way to implement the "poke" message that Replicache needs. So you'll need to use a pubsub service like Pusher.

We will add documentation on how to deploy to serverless platforms, but for now, please Contact Us if you have questions on this.