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Deploy to Vercel and Supabase

You can host Replicache apps on serverless platforms like Vercel.

We recommend pairing with Supabase for storage, since Supabase also has realtime features that can be used for Replicache's poke message.

Step 1: Create Supabase Project

  • Create a new project at Supabase.
  • Create in East US because that's where Vercel functions are deployed by default, and they should be close.
  • Important: Don't forget to copy the password you choose to some scratch file. You'll need that later and can't retrieve it after this screen.

Step 2: Create Vercel Project

  • Push your Replicache app to GitHub.
  • Create a new project at Vercel and link to the GitHub project.
  • Note: This will deploy but the app will not run yet. We will fix that next.

Step 3: Add Supabase Integration to Vercel Project

  • From your Vercel project's dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations.
  • Add the Supabase integration and connect to your Supabase project.
  • This will add several environment variables to your project (you may have to refresh the page before they appear).
  • Note: It still won't quite work. One more step to go.

Step 4: Add Final Environment Variables

  • From your Vercel project's dashboard, go to Settings > Environment Variables.
  • Add NEXT_PUBLIC_REPLICACHE_LICENSE_KEY with your Replicache License Key.
  • Add SUPABASE_DATABASE_PASSWORD with the password you copied from your Supabase setup in Step 1.
  • Go to Deployments and redeploy the latest build to pick up the new variables.

Step 5: 🎉

When the deploy finishes, you should have a working app live on Vercel and Supabase!