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This integration guide walks you through the steps required to build a complete Replicache app, including the backend, from scratch.

The main reasons to do this would be:

  • You want to integrate Replicache into some existing backend
  • You want to build a Replicache backend in some language other than JavaScript, so you can't use the starter app
  • You just like knowing how things work

Building a Replicache backend isn't super hard, but there is some subtlety to getting push and pull correct and efficient. As such, we generally recommend users start with the replicache-todo starter app if possible and fork it to taste. Easier to start with something that already works!

You can follow the steps exactly to end up with a simple chat app, or use them as guide to build your own Replicache-enabled app.


You only need Node.js, version 10.13 or higher to get started.

You should also already understand How Replicache Works at a high level.