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Subscriptions work similarly to other reactive JS frameworks.

You can subscribe to a query of Replicache and you will get notified when that query changes for any reason — either because of local optimistic changes, or because of sync.

Subscriptions are Fast

Replicache goes to significant trouble to make reactive renders efficient:

  • Replicache only calls the query function (the parameter to subscribe) when any of the keys it accessed last time change.
  • The onData callback is only called when the result of the query function changes.
  • Replicache will usually return objects with the same identity across queries, so you can use things like React’s useMemo to avoid re-renders.


Modify the sample to increment by zero, and verify that the onData callback is not called. This is because even though the count key was re-written, its value didn't change. So Replicache didn't call the onData callback.